ANLCA Crisis: Why silence may not be entirely golden says Tony Iju


 National President of Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents ANLCA, Hon. Iju Tony Nwabunike said he decided to unseal his lips over the sealing of its headquarters by the Police and non-conforming members of the association for the second time in two years to appreciate the National Executive members who through the trying period, joined hands with him in working tirelessly for the organisation.

The President also intimated his members of plans to get the root of the matter through every legal means to ensure that the dissident members and their police collaborators who had caused damage to the association and its secretariat are summarily dealt with.

He used the well known biblical dispute between two women during King Solomon reign to illustrate the present state of things at ANLCA where the dissident members wants the association destroyed because they cannot assume leadership.

” The real ANLCA leadership and its known board of trustees who won elections would not be part of arson, wanton attack on the secretariat and pushing to get it locked up or rejoicing whenever it is sealed.

“With the Solomon analogy, we know those who prefer that ANLCA be cut into two equal parts like the disputed baby with equal useless part held by the two sides as a solution without minding if the baby survives or not”

Nwabunike also argued that as professional Licensed Customs Agents, they are not expected to be thugs or promoter of thuggery to unleash violent attacks on the association, being the foremost body of professionals in customs brokerage business in Nigeria

He recalled that similar attacks were unleashed on the secretariat on October 6, 2020 by hoodlums armed with guns, cutlasses, charms and other dangerous items, through which the association lost over N20million worth of property while some members and secretariat staffers on ground were beaten up and harassed by thugs hired by the dissidents.

He however assured that the leadership is committed to the survival, growth and development of ANLCA and will not compromise the mandate given to it to oversee the affairs of the association, which expires next year.

Nwabunike noted that part of the reason he decided to break his dignified silence over the protracted crisis in the Association was because he needed to build the sagging confidence of members who may have become weary from the long-drawn crisis and reassure them of the reliability of his leadership.

“There is no leadership tussle in ANLCA. The real leaders and recognized group that would never want ANLCA destroyed are known” Nwabunike declared.

He once again extended an olive branch to the warring faction and urged them to embrace peace for the common good of the association.

As part of his peace deal, he promised to review various sanctions placed on the erring members.

“I also extend the olive branch again to our former members who show remorse and repentance.

“We may review the various sanctions ranging from suspension to expulsion and grant them amnesty for readmission if they truly change and resolve to abide by our constitution” Nwabunike stated.

He however warned that his call for peace should not be misconstrued for weakness.

“This is not out of fear or cowardice and therefore should not be taken for granted because, under my watch, any form of indiscipline or lawless behaviour will not be condoned”

Picture: ANLCA President,  Hon.Tony IJu Nwabunike



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