APGA: Dr Onyinye Rufus-OBI political structure enlarges


As APC, PDP supporters join her

It was another day of pomp and pageantry as thousands of APC and PDP supporters joined the structure of Dr Onyinye Rufus-OBI who recently decamped from APC to APGA.

The supporters who came from all the wards in Isuikwuato vowed to deliver APGA for her in the forthcoming election in Isuikwuato/Umunneochi federal constituency.

APGA is currently the favoured party as APC and PDP have been torn apart due to accusations and counter accusation arising from alleged deceptions dogging the ongoing primaries.

The meeting which held today in Isuikwuato saw all her former structures in APC formally collapse into APGA while also pulling people from other parties.

Dr Onyinye Rufus-Obi is considered the newest sensation in Isuikwuato/Umunneochi federal consituency elections.

While receiving her supporters and the new decampees, Dr Onyinye told them that she has come to replace the incumbent, Dr Nkeiru Onyejeocha who she believes has tried for 16years but should give way fresh minds.

“Dr Nkeiru is my sister. She has tried. She should now give way for some another person to also work.

“The constituency is for all of us. Having stayed their for a whole 16 years, she should go for higher position so that other people can come in and transform the constituency with their own novel ideas.

“ I am already in Abuja. I am not going to find my way around. I have a blue print to transform my constituency.

“The right thing is to give people like us opportunity to reform the constituency and help our people,” Dr Onyinye said.

At the end of the meeting, the crowd echoed that Dr Nkeiru has overstayed and should allow others their own turn.

It was another day of victory for APGA

Picture: Some of the supporters during the meeting


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