Isuikwuato Umunneochi Federal Constituency 2023: Why Dr Onyinye Rufus-OBI leads the pack


By Foster Obi

The last few months have shown the capacity of each candidate jostling to represent Isuikwuato Umunneochi at the federal House of Representatives come next year, 2023.

It should be remembered that Dr Nkeiru Onyejeocha of APC is the present candidate representing the constituency. She has been there for four terms and is still pursuing a fifth term to the surprise of many who are amazed at that show of hunger for power regardless of public opinion.

Without digressing, the candidates pitching to represent the constituency includes Dr Onyinye Kay Rufus-OBI of APGA, Dr Nkeiru Onyejeocha of APC, Barrister Loveth Ofoegbu of PDP, Prince Amobi Ogah of Labour Party, among others.

With initial political calculation, Dr Onyejeocha was considered the leading candidate because of her war-chest, a few things she did for her people (not Isuikwuato) and the role of money in politics. At the early days, it was even rumuored that she has bought over the elders in isuikwuato and they were in her support.

Again, she has made some visible impact in umunneochi at the exclusion of Isuikwuato and this to some extent is enough to create some cult following in the area.

A few things however punctured holes in this permutation. Recent sampling shows that the kangaroo primaries exercise that saw a unilateral allocation of offices at the Abia APC created so much bad blood within the party that right now the party is a divided house. Recently DFC- News overheard some APC members saying that because Dr Onyejeocha was among those that benefited from the exercise they will teach her a big lesson at the polls even at the expense of the party’s fortune.

It is believed that Dr Onyejeocha belongs to Chief Ikechi Emenike’s camp who Dr Uche Ogah defeated at the appeal court over the gubernatorial tussle. It is also believed that there is no love lost between Ogah and Onyejeocha and Ogah’s followers who appear to outnumber Emenike’s are prepared to show her the exit come 2023.

Besides, a recent all youth conference in the zone vowed not to be bought over with money at the expense of justice. The youths also stressed that it is against natural justice, equity and good conscience to allow a particular candidate stay on a representative seat for 20years and seeking the 24th one when there are brighter minds waiting in the wings to transform the constituency.

Without mincing words, it is obvious that except the gods play funny, Dr Onyejeocha is already on her way out, paving way for the next person to take over.

At a media conference recently, a journalist said he thought I was praising Dr Onyinye because we bear similar surname until he saw how dispassionate an accurate the permutations made by this medium had been.

Although he is not from isuikwuato Umunneochi constituency, he said the people will be foolish to vote for the fifth term a single person, in this era that Nigerians are moving for the cleansing of the polity and dismantling those attitudes that are retrogressive.

Besides, he said that democracy is government of the people and if we are clamouring for power shift everywhere, why should the one at the constituency not shift.

That, however, is an aside. Some journalists who sat down recently to review events at Isuikwuato Umunneochi concluded that Dr Onyinye Kay Rufus-OBI is the next to take the seat after Dr Onyejeocha. Their conclusion is that Dr Onyinye without prevarication is versatile and knows exactly what she wants to achieve as against the other candidates.

Look at the verdict by one person, “I have looked at all of them and their campaign focus. Dr Onyinye is the only one of the pack that knows exactly why she wants to go there. Given this scenario, she is the only one that will transform the constituency from day one if she gets there. The others are just interested in getting there for prestige sake, power, or to prove a point, while others are sentimental but this late Pharmacist Rufus Obi’s daughter looks a go getter and the people will be lucky if they vote her.”

The journalist argued that Dr Onyejeocha would have been the only candidate to pose a challenge to her but for the odds which weigh heavily against her now.

“You will just see that the people see her being there as injustice. Some people believe she is very proud, detached from the people and believe in money politics which is a big disadvantage presently.

“It is obvious that those campaigning for her now are just interested in her purse even when they know the obvious truth.

Dr Onyinye Rufus-OBI because of her blessed background is widely connected. A few things she has used her connection even out office to get for the people shows that if she gets there, she will do great works. She has made serious inroads in her campaign and has received exuberant reception wherever she goes.

Amidst many awards and honour, again she was recently honoured by the St Charles Methodist Church of Nigeria, Umungasi Circuit, Diocese of Aba with an award of Enyi Ukwu Jesus on the 4th of December, 2022.

The All Progressive Grand Alliance candidate and frontrunner for the House of Representatives, Chief Dr Onyinye Rufus-OBI was on ground to receive the award and also to identify with the Church during her 2022 annual harvest and thanksgiving which took place at the church auditorium, Aba.

The highpoint of the event was when the Church leadership earnestly prayed for her and her political journey into the federal house of representatives come 2023.

Dr Onyinye Rufus-OBI on special request accepted the invitations of the Amiyi-Uhu and Amaokwe Women August meeting held on the 17th of August, 2022 in Isuikwuato Local Government Area of Abia State.

It was a huge gathering and the woman wanted to see their heoine talk to them.

August meeting which happens to be an annual gathering of the women from different branches, states of their community associations is majorly celebrated in the eastern parts of the country in every eight months of the year. It’s a period where the women gather together to pray, seek the face of the Lord and discuss about the developments of their communities from women’s wing angle.

The women of Amiyi-Uhu and Amaokwe communities were filled with joy when she pre-launched their new wrappers and made some donations as parts of her contributions to the development of the classroom blocks and advancements of their communities.

The women were happy to receive Dr Onyinye Rufus-OBI in their midst as they have long been waiting to meet her. It was a moment of joy filled with laughter.

A few of the honour represented here is a tip of the iceberg of the kind reception, Dr Onyinye gets and how many women, men, youths and church groups are angling for her.

Those with the eye of the future call her the incoming House of Representatives candidate for Isuikwuato Umunneochi constituency. It is only those that play politics of stomach infrastructure that will speak otherwise.

Picture: Dr onyinye Kay Rufus-OBI



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