Isuikwuato \Umunneochi federal constituency: History beckons on Dr Onyinye Rufus‐OBI


By Foster Gabriel

First, she is assertive without being disrespectful. She is a go getter, always knowing what she wants and how to get it. She has never aimed at anything and failed because of the kind of grace she carries.

She has many qualities of a leader.  She is a mobilizer, interest articulator, interest aggregator, consensus builder and Amazon.  Although from a rich and urbane background, she believes in the right of every man or woman to aspire to any height in life without hindrance.

A quintessential welfarist, the first thing on her mind is how to make the life of the average citizen better than it is. She is not a day dreamer nor engages in needless ego trip. She is a realist and like the biblical children of Issachar has understanding of the times. Her name is Dr Onyinye Kay Rufus‐OBI, the daughter of the late Pharmaceutical giant and philanthropist, Rufus‐OBI of the Rufus OBI Chemists and co Ltd, fame.

Dr Onyinye is a member of APGA under which she is contesting to go to the House of Representatives on behalf of Isuikwuato\Umunneochi constituency in Abia state.

If you take a look at all the contestants for the position from other parties, you will notice that some are just there to be noticed. It is easy to observe that they don’t have a coordinated agenda, you see them rehearsing what they copy from others. In their campaign, they appeal to emotion rather than reason and under intense IQ scrutiny, fall like pack of cards.

This is why the incumbent lawmaker representing the constituency, Dr Nkeiru Onyejeocha had had a smooth ride in office since 2007 with little or no opposition. No wonder she still musters the boldness to continue in office after four terms. She may have concluded in her mind that nobody in Isuikwuato or even her own Umunneochi has what it takes to upstage her. She may have also concluded that she will only relinquish that position when she is tired and perhaps old and shriveled with age. This is what Shakespeare; the popular English playwright calls “the spite of hell, the fiends’ archmok.” You can also permit the label, “the tragedy of a constituency called Isuikwuato\Umunneochi in Abia state.”    How could a constituency with many brilliant and learned people permit such injustice?

You have a constituency made up of two different areas. One person from a particular area stays in a position for four terms of four years each and refuses to hand over to the other but rather wants them to wrestle it with her if they could. Why not.  Now she has the backing of office and the war chest to muzzle any opposition. Again, this is tragic. Some may even use the word tragicomedy because of the unpardonable tomfoolery in the whole adventure. No thanks to the elders that have kept mute to this injustice.

Nobody is denying that she may have achieved one or two things for the people of Umunneochi as her supporters say. But why wouldn’t she. If she does not achieve anything in 16 years, who will. But whatever achievement cannot be compared to the number of years she has stayed at the green chamber, judging from the constituency allocation.

This is why people have hailed the coming of Dr Onyinye Rufus‐OBI. Her personality shows that, “a Daniel has come to judgment.” She is from Isuikwuato and she is an intelligent and tireless worker. She does not believe in segregation and if she takes over she will develop Umunneochi alongside Isuikwuato instead of concentrating projects in one area at the expense of the other, as others have done.

A welfarist by nature, that word ‘give away,’ resonates when you think of her childhood. From her childhood days she was already buying wrappers and other things for widows with her pocket money. By the time she graduated from school, she had graduated to buying motorbikes and buses for people help fend for their families. She is the typical mind that cannot stand seeing people suffer.

The aggression with which many within Isuikwuato, Umunneochi and beyond markets her candidacy is because of the faith they have in her as  “Special Delivery.”

As someone rightly pointed out, she will achieve in the constituency, in four years what it took Dr Onyejeocha to achieve in 15years.

The people are obviously tired and waiting for the coming of Dr Onyinye Kay Rufus‐OBI, because no other time could be better than now. It is a vote for APGA and the liberation of the constituency from the vice grip of those who believe there is no man enough in Isuikwuato.  History surely beckons for the fence mender and transformer.

Picture: Dr Onyinye  Kay Rufus‐OBI


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