Oil firm rebrands to focus on renewable energy


Nepal EnergiesNepal Oil and Gas Services Limited has completed its rebranding process to Nepal Energies in line with the ongoing transition from a focus on fossil fuels to a renewable energy major.

The company also adopted a new vision statement, “To accelerate Africa’s transition to reliable and sustainable energy” and a new mission statement, “To increase Africa’s access to cleaner, affordable and reliable energy that drives economic growth”.

The Group Managing Director of Nepal Energies, Ngozi Ekeoma, during the unveiling ceremony of Nepal Energies Limited, said the shifting global dependence on non-fossil fuels, climate uncertainty,  international commitment to reducing the global carbon footprint and the quest to remain frontrunners in the pursuit of affordable and cleaner energy in Africa were some of the reasons for the rebrand.

He noted this signalled the start of a new phase in the brand’s already stellar career.

She noted that the organisation had traversed the entire downstream and midstream value chain- from pipeline and storage construction to production and shipping, haulage and maintenance, and facility management.

She highlighted the many internal struggles of the organisation to solve its operational challenges and remain afloat.

Nepal has made its mark as an upstream player, earning its first marginal field award in 2020.

“The year 2022 for us has been a journey! We were faced with the herculean task of onboarding multiple retail stations across the country. This was followed by the acquisition of more assets to expand operations, particularly our LPG business; but in the words of Nelson Mandela: Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.

“Continuing, we have remained committed to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in Nigeria through various CSR activities such as the School for All Initiative (SAI) and Dream Alive Initiative (DAI) to address educational challenges; and our fight against the COVID-19 pandemic; our Access to Clean Water Initiative, and Health Outreaches to address health issues.”

Our Operation Clothe the Widows and SOS Outreaches underline our women and children empowerment strategies, while Clean Up Fridays, an in-house initiative where our staff set out to clean the environment of our host communities, covers our contribution to the environment and climate action,” she explained.”

Ekeoma also noted that the transition was a step in the right direction for the organisation, adding that the focus at Nepal Energies would be on developing, delivering and maintaining renewable energy sources for its customers with efficiency, effectiveness, and in the most cost-effective way possible.

“Nepal Energies is dedicated to providing the African population with access to clean energy through our many products and services. With various renewable energy sources, we are committed to not only ensuring the availability of clean energy in Africa but also providing them with the ability to access it,” she assured.

The event also witnessed the presentation of long service and meritorious awards to some members of the organisation for their commitment over the years, while some clients received awards of recognition for their immense contribution to the success of Nepal Oil and Gas Limited.

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