Abia 2023: Alex Otti’s mission to recover stolen mandate


Except that he’s a good Christian with serious moral upbringing, Dr Alex Otti would have gone to any length to retrieve his mandate which was stolen by the PDP in 2015.

That year, Dr Otti who is a reputed banker and first class economist was the candidate of APGA. He is now in Labour Party (LP), the Party of the moment.

In 2015, Abians who saw the Saviour they have long been yearning for in Dr Otti voted massively for him. He obviously represented an oasis to men paralyzed by sun stroke. As the election progressed, it was clear that Dr Otti was going to be declared the governor.

The PDP was rattled. It couldn’t take a free and fair election that was gaining accolades and momentum. The jobbers went to work with the now famous ‘Obingwa votes,’ a daylight robbery that stole the people’s mandate. Democracy that was about to resurrect in Abia died that day.

For Eight horrible years Abia State has suffered that consequence of ineptitude from a government that is unpopular.

Since then, Dr Otti has not rested. He has severally encouraged Abians to gear up with him and recover that mandate. He has also warned about the consequences of complacency especially now that there are various political jobbers pretending to contest for governorship.

Most of them by all standards are bandying rehashed manifestos while some do not even have. Dr Otti appears unique and way above all by the input in his manifesto. Compared to any, it is the only working document that by the technical and intellectual input has the capacity to transform Abia.

Most of the so called by some of the candidates are mere theories and poorly thought out projections that are hardly practicable in a state like Abia. It is mere ego trip designed as manifesto.

Recently, the governorship candidate of the Labour Party urged Abia residents to vote for him and the LP presidential candidate, Peter Obi in the forthcoming elections.

He expressed optimism that he would retrieve his mandate which was stolen in 2015.

Dr Otti noted that the votes of the people will enable him to change the narrative and return Abia to the path of peace, growth, and development.

Abia without doubt has witnessed years of rudderless leadership which severely affected the welfare and well-being of millions, especially the unemployed youths and senior citizens whose salaries and pensions have not been paid.

While encouraging the people to go and collect their Permanent Voters Card, Dr Otti said that the technological innovation of the Bimodal Voter Accreditation System in the electoral process had given hope for credibility.

“Between 2015 when the mandate you passionately and unanimously gave to us was brazenly snatched away by the oppressors and today, I have neither slowed down nor withdrawn from asking critical questions and taking practical measures geared towards ensuring that those who have seized our Commonwealth in Abia are not allowed to continually enjoy underserved affluence while insulting our sensibilities.

One thing that has spurred Dr Otti to recover his stolen mandate is the state’s debt profile and failing economy, which according to him, the 51 percent unemployment level does not match Abia’s status as an oil-producing state, and one endowed with harnessable potential.

He has however assured that If voted into office, he will reverse the ugly trend, stressing that, as a knowledgeable economist, he knows where and how to generate the much-needed funds for the socio-economic development of the state.

It is noteworthy that the state’s current debt profile of N150 billion rose from N35.5 billion in 2015, when Governor Okezie Ikpeazu came into the office and the debt burden has remained so till date.

The LP candidate insists that reversing the scenario calls for emergence of a knowledgeable economist like him to take charge as governor which is why next month’s election is critical to rescue the state from those that have held it down in the past 23 years.

He said: “I know how and where to get the money to run the state, and invest same wisely and profitably, pay regular salaries, as well as pensions. I shall turn the security vote into an investment fund from which I would give loans to genuine entrepreneurs.”

Dr Otti maintained that the process of rescuing the state from its 23 years of bad governance, as well as rebuilding it will begin immediately after he takes office on May 29, 2023.

Considering that there are cabals that believe they own Abia, it will take the resolve of the likes Dr Otti and the grace of God to turn the table against them, and 2023 is about time.

Picture: Dr Alex Otti




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