2024 budget aimed at impoverishing Nigerians – PRP


The Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) has said that the 2024 budget recently submitted to the National Assembly by President Bola Tinubu was aimed at continuous impoverishment of the people.

It said a government that claimed to have inherited a bankrupt and empty treasury appears not to be circumspect of the state as its actions particularly in making appointments does not appear to show that the administration was indeed serious in its desire to provide “renewed hope”.

The National Chairman of the party, Falalu Bello, in a statement issued Sunday titled, ‘The Appropriation Bill: Seeing Beyond Semantics,’ urged Nigerians not to place any hope on the 2024 budget.

He said while the statistics and assumption upon which the 2024 budget was based looks good on the surface, a thorough look at the assumptions underlying the budget showed clearly that this administration wasn’t ready for nation building.

Falalu was of the opinion that this government was still a relic of the past that is jealously protecting the few oligarchs as it does not have a path to the good future Nigerians seek.

He said: “Indeed, this government is still a relic of the past that is jealously protecting the few oligarchs as it does not have a path to the good future we seek as a nation.

“This, though, is not surprising as it is a continuation of an APC eight years administration we advised Nigerians not to reelect.”

“A critical look and review of the sectoral allocation of funds further reveal the level of thinking of the people in government today, the somewhat deceitful approaches to revenue generation and spending and clear absence of any strategic thinking of how best to get us out of the doldrums.

“The 2024 budget as seen and analysed in this address is one on which Nigerians should not place hope on to promote development and protect their welfare.

“It is just a cosmetic that is aimed at glorifying mediocrity and continuous impoverishment of our people. It’s our hope that the Town Hall Meetings by the two Chambers of National Assembly will serve as an avenue to hear from Nigerians and to redress some of the issues raised by us and many other concerned Nigerians so that we may have a decent place to call our country.”

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