Demand for Customs paper sparks anger among Nigerians


By Foster Obi
The Nigeria Customs Service may have suffered image backlash in recent times as every post put out by the Service is visited with anger among Nigerians, suggesting that the Public Relations Department still has so much work on it hands.
Although the appointment of Bashir Adewale Adeniyi as the Comptroller General of Customs (CGC), was greeted with enthusiasm, it has yet to change the image deficit of the organization as most Nigerians still see it as a corrupt entity.
This is why any announcement by the Service to the public is always received with a pinch of salt as most Nigerians believe they are not what they claim.
At the launch of the e-Auction, penultimate week, most Nigerians said they did not trust the process despite the whitewashing campaign embarked on by the organization.
This week, the post on social media by Customs for motorists to have handy their Customs paper drew the ire of many Nigerians as some of them see it as another avenue for officers to fleece the already beleaguered citizens. Some of the critics perceive it as not only backward but an image demarketing for Nigeria in an era that even smaller countries have gone digital.
Oghene Ochuko said, “In 2024, you people are still asking for papers. It’s a shame you are even posting it out for the world to see. I am really disappointed. If the DG of custom cannot work with the NIMC and the Minister, to digitalized the system then you are all failures.
Olabode Olajide asked, “Why are you asking for custom papers for vehicles that are in the country already? Tighten the borders and operate within the borders.
Maria Ogbonnia Eke wrote, “Criminals, you should be ashamed of yourselves for posting nonsense on Social Media. What’s The Terrorist Nigerian Customs Doing on The Streets of Nigeria? Customs duty post all over the world is The Airport and every Border post in every country in the world. Not on local streets or in towns. Get out of the roads. Shameless Scum Bags.
Mohammed Amin Saad asked, “Couldn’t your officers, men, and women of the Nigeria Customs, do the job at the point of entry?!???
What exactly is the matter with us as a people? Why should people who legally import their goods be harassed and embarrassed along Nigerian roads?
Vulgtah wrote, “Do your jobs at the borders, impound smuggled goods at the points of entry!!!
Why ask for custom papers for a Nigeria-registered car? Why did govt register the car?
Bin Suleiman wrote, “The reality; is the Custom officer is asking for money, “If you do bring the money you go explain tire “
Adams Wadas noted, “Customs aren’t ready to curb smuggling of cars if they, then they can make it mandatory to have Customs paper before any car will be given number plate or just create a customs duty code that has to be present before renewing any car particulars in Nigeria.
Hon Ogochukwu Monyei wrote, “No matter what you pay for Customs paper, those officers on the road will always tell you that you did not pay up to the requirements despite the E-Valuation that gives you what to pay. Pls, @CustomsNG give Nigerians a complaint number to report such cases.
Ezeani Emmanuel said Una wants to join the police, FRSC, VIO, local government task force, state task force, and federal task force. All for drivers’ heads… to collect bribes
Temuno Enaohwo asked, “Are we expected to carry custom papers about even after registering the car? Is this standard practice?
Angel Philo reacted, “Rubbish. A beg makes us hear the word. Even when you get all the papers with extras you still explain.
Brian King advised, “Stay at the borders and be efficient! It’s a failure of your duty for customs to be seen everywhere in town harassing motorists
Office Sam, “So shameful at this age and time to deploy your men on our roads asking for papers. What happened at the point of entry?
AnimChe, Cars have VINs, don’t you have a database of cars that you cleared?
Mama Cita has a word for the CGC,
“With the custom paper, we go still explain tire try to put ur boys together them day misbehave.”
Picture: Custom CG, Bashir Adewale Adeniyi

Picture 2: The controversial campaign

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