NNPP: Resignation of Alh Abba Kawu from Illegal NWC no surprise


Says Dr Ajuji Ahmed Not A Member Of NNPP

…Any Congress Or Convention by Kwankwaso and his co-travellers null and void

The New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) has released a statement to address a few developments in the party recently.
A press release signed by Alhaji Abdulrahman Adulrasheed, National Publicity Secretary said, “It has become imperative to react to certain developments in and around our great party in the past few days.
“It is obvious that God who knows the mind of everyone is now manifesting Himself mightily in the affairs of our great party. He has continued to expose the treacherous and evil intentions of Kwankwaso and Buba Galadima who were innocently allowed into our party in February 2022. “Today senator Kwankwaso, despite been expelled from our party is associated with illegal and mischevious conducts in relation to disrespect and disobedience to constitutional provisions of the federal Republic of Nigeria. Nigerians must thank God for His intervention and mercy that made him to loose as a man who would not respect the simple provisions of our party’s constitution obviously would have done unquantifiable damage to the nations constitution.

“What would have happened to Nigeria and Nigerians if he had won the presidential election?. The exit of Prof Bem Angwe, Senator suleiman Hunkuyi, Prof Rufai Ahmed Alkali and now the resignation of Abbah kawu who was illegally smuggled in as acting National Chairman by kwankwaso and Buba Galadima in his personal house in Maitama from illegal gathering of expelled members of the New Nigeria People’s Party speaks volume of avoidable impunity and greed. Nigerians should be wary of such characters and must never put the destiny of our dear country into the hands of such cheats at any level as we approach the next General elections.

“Nigerians may not know that a struggling young man, Mr Philip Oyinu Haruna who made it possible for kwankwaso to secure presidential candidacy in 2023 is today facing oppression and abuse just because he demanded for his consultancy fees of one hundred million naira (N100,000,000.00). A mere nomination fee equivalent in PDP and APC in the presidential cadre.

“Nigerians may not know that the illegal new chairman appointed by the gathering of non members of the New Nigeria People’s Party, Dr Ajuji Ahmed was the man who actually provided the opportunity for Senator kwankwaso to meet Mr Philip Oyinu Haruna.

“Nigerians shall soon know the internal wrangling and grumbling in Kano state administration due to Kwankwaso’s dictatorial tendencies wherein the elected members of the New Nigeria People’s Party do not have the opportunity to even employ a cleaner. The situation in Kano state is a ticking time bomb that we are determined to arrest as it would pull down the fortunes of the party if allowed to further degenerate due to the selfish and greedy interest of kwankwaso.

“The insatiable desire to take everything has now left on the lips of elected representatives on our party’s platform the unanswered question of how they can reward all the people that helped them to win election.

“It is most unfortunate that Dr Ajuji Ahmed, a gentleman of repute and high pedigree can fall into an avoidable mess. The internal crisis of NNPP is becoming interesting wherein INEC is beginning to ensure proper regulation and control of political parties in Nigeria. INEC’s torch light is presently beamed on the internal workings of our party and now beginning to understand the intrigues of senator kwankwaso and his co-travellers.

“The most interesting thing is that INEC now ensures internal democracy in every political party administration other than merely relying on court orders. What this simply means is that the constitutional provisions of political parties other than courts is getting recognition and now respected by INEC. We thank the INEC chairman and his team members for this new disposition.
We urge Nigerians to continue to pray for the commission under Prof Mahmud Yakub to succeed as we head to 2027.

“We urge Nigerians to disregard the alleged new appointment of Dr Ajuji Ahmed as the acting national chairman of NNPP. Dr Ajuji is among the members of the national working committee that was disbanded and its members subsequently expelled from the party in 2023.

“It is equally on record that every activities of the senator kwankwaso-led illegal gathering of non members of NNPP are before competent courts of law and INEC as the agency of the government charged with the responsibilities of regulating and controlling political parties in Nigeria is in possession of all documents and processes relating to ongoing legal actions.

“We urge INEC to discontinue any further dealings with this illegal group pending the determination of all law suits filed in the federal high Courts and court of appeal by Dr Agbo Major Gilbert, the original and rightful chairman of the New Nigeria People’s Party.

“New Nigeria People’s Party was registered in 2001, has participated and won elections since then. Senator kwankwaso joined in 2022 for the purpose of contesting the president of Nigeria after having been rejected by APC, PDP, PRP and ACCORD due to treachery and insatiable greed. We considered and pitied his position and today his body language is to high jack the party and propagate kwankwasia movement, an impossible dream. NAGAFF, the parent body of NNPP is presently working on strategies to reclaim its baby and all options including picketing and public demonstration are on the table.

“What a seeming ungrateful Nigerian in the name of politics. We equally want to inform all members of NNPP to note that the illegal congress and national convention have been stopped by a federal high in Abuja and INEC is duly served.

“What we must state clearly is that we are getting ready to look for our bag of stolen money and those who have resigned suddenly should be advised to ensure that all monetary transactions are accounted. The mismanaged funds are public funds and relevant government agencies are presently working on modalities to protect public interest,” the statement said.

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