Ohuabunwa and his hordes of social media crusaders: Matters arising


By ShaFT@Polemics

Firstly, Hon. Kanu Henry Ohuabunwa, who resigned from his erstwhile position recently as the CoS to the Mayor of Isuikwuato, AVM (Rtd) Chinwendu Onyike, FDC, truly deserves to be congratulated. Primarily, for ridiculing himself and for battering beyond repair his self-image and reputation, politically, and perhaps ethically/morally, in his desperate attempts to demonize and blackmail his former Boss, the Mayor of Isuikwuato LGA, in the social media campaigns.

Again, Ohuabunwa deserves a bigger congratulations for mindlessly recruiting the questionable services of certain abrasive social media bullies and charlatans, particularly armies of anti-LP devotees, who have never hidden both deep-seated anger and opposition to the LP, and as much expected have continued to push ceaselessly Ohuabunwa’s agenda on the media platforms, with the sole intent to discredit the Mayor of Isuikwuato. This development is bound to backfire and boomerang on account of Ohuabunwa ‘s pathetic indiscretion and juvenile conduct in his relentless search for sympathies against presumably alleged accusations of mistreatment by his former Boss.
Thirdly, the biggest honour and award of congratulations is equally reserved for Ohuabunwa, for consciously or unconsciously exposing his real agenda by making himself a ready tool and eager to serve the unscrupulous designs of certain individuals and groups who have banded together in opposition against the Mayor for refusing to ‘play’ the cards.
Careful and thorough analysis of the subject and especially the hyped-up media narratives and assaults launched against the person of the Mayor compels one to look beyond the single-course  narratives and accusations peddled and credited to Ohuabunwa, by the social media sources; and to ask some pertinent questions, which include:
1. Did the Mayor single out Ohuabunwa for perceived mistreatment, particularly in terms of short payments of financial benefits or remuneration? Or possibly other appointees of the Mayoral office endured or experienced the same treatment?
2. Did Ohuabunwa feel cheated by other means outside short payments, because the Mayor resisted and refused to succumb to intense pressures in his firm resolve to discharge his duty in good conscience, without pandering to sentiments?
3. Why was it a palatable and attractive option for Ohuabunwa to seek redress hastily and hysterically by granting unsolicited interviews to a select class of social media practitioners, who are widely known or perceived to form the core of the archrivals of LP, in Isuikwuato and entire Abia State?
The summation is in political relationships, especially, close and delicate types, such as exist among aids/appointees and the Bosses, several other avenues or options are available to iron out any differences or correct/seek redress, whenever things taste bitter, against the expectation of the appointees.
The critical question in this case is did Ohuabunwa, ever bother to exhaust these avenues available internally, as an LP stakeholder, before rushing impatiently to recruit the services of certain circles of social media suitors, admirers, and sympathizers?
If the answer is no, it was obvious that other unseen forces were at play and exerted pressures which proved irresistible for Ohuabunwa to apply the common sense approach in this case.
Cos or former Cos, who is in control of his emotions and senses, arguably should have by all means shown restraint and conducted himself much better and in mature dispositions.
*Word of Caution:*
Pyrrhic victory is no victory.
Ironically, Ohuabunwa may seem to be cruising to victory on the social media battle/space!
But guess what——–
Pyrrhic victory may win in the short term a battle but in the end, the war is lost disastrously and ultimately.
This kind of disruptive political volcanic eruption portends ominous signs for Isuikwuato LGA and by all means, should not be encouraged.
Kudos and credits to the Mayor of Isuikwuato, who has ignored the media-orchestrated assaults as distractions.

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