Joseph Goebbels was right – How Abia PDP lies collapsed under own weight


By Ctz. Ukoha Njoku Ukoha

The Lies of Abia PDP Collapsed Under Their Own Weight on the 18th of March, 2023 and the Truth of the Labour Party under Dr. Alex Chioma Otti Triumphed: Uche Aguoru Battling With The Messenger To Cover The Message.



The first 240 words of Mr. Aguoru’s history class essay was just about Joseph Goebbels while avoiding the import of the quote.

The day Joseph Goebbels was referring to in his famous quote has come and gone. The lies of the Abia PDP just like the lies of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party has come and gone and the truth triumphed. The former was collapsed under its own weight by Ballot Forces of Abia People mobilized and led by His Excellency Dr. Alex Chioma Otti while the later was collapsed under its own weight by the Allied Forces led by the United States of America.

Mr. Uche Aguoru in his social media masturbation accused Governor Alex Otti of intolerance to opposition without naming one person arrested and incarcerated by the Executive Governor in the last one year of the New Abia unlike the Abia PDP era when innocent Abians were threatened, harassed, victimised, arrested and incarcerated for criticising and holding the Government to account. The case of Bar. Emperor Ogbonna can be used as a point of contact to reach to other victims of State bullying, arrest and incarceration.

The onslaught and intolerance to opposition and critics did not spare the citadel of academics. The hammer of the Abia PDP intolerance to opposition and critics landed on the head of Mr. Princewill Chemezie Onwuka whose Law degree was withdrawn by the State Owned University acting on ‘orders from above’. How about the intimidation and harassment of my friend and classmate, Hon. Ginger Onwusible, then candidate of the Labour Party for Isialangwa North/South Federal Constituency. Hon. Ginger Onwusible was arrested and sometime abducted and taken to Abuja on trumped-up charges for ‘Crossing the red sea from Egypt on his way to Canan’.

The difference between The New Abia and Egypt is that, the New Abia operates with facts and figures. The whole characters mentioned here are still living witnesses to their ordeal under the hands of our immediate past Pharaoh whose antecedents suggest he must have been related to the Roman Emperor Nero who was busy playing music while Rome (Abia) was burning!

Dr. Alex Chioma Otti must be a strong force with rare capacity to connive with the so called Abia PDP ‘conspirators’ to weaken and factionalise a ruling party and succeeded in dislodging them from power. The irony is that the so called Abia PDP ‘conspirators’ did not join Governor Alex Otti’s ruling party after helping him dislodge their own party from power.

It is obvious that the remnants of the Abia PDP still weighing their options of which party to decamp to are yet to come to terms with the reality of their rejection and retirement by the people of Abia State. It is either a case of loss of memory, self denial or worse still dementia!

Why should Governor Alex Otti be afraid of a Party and characters he beat black and blue? A party and characters he mobilized Abians to dislodge from the seat of power as a private citizen?

A party and characters he cut their ravenous and insatiable grip on the nipples of the breast milk of our common patrimony?

His Excellency, Dr. Alex Chioma Otti has done what the Abia PDP had no guts or even desire to do. The Executive Governor has demonstrated and shown that he is in charge and will not sweep any allegation under the carpet as was the case under the Abia PDP. The Governor’s moral compass remains ever dependable and unquestionable!

The suspended Commissioner for Health, Dr. Ngozi Okoronkwo was not and has not been indicted. She was suspended to step aside to allow for thorough and unbiased investigation without interference. Assuming but not conceding that the Commissioner for Health’s suspension and Chief Press Secretary’s removal was related to alleged corrupt practices, you have inadvertently but correctly admitted the zero tolerance for corruption under the New Abia and her devoted servant Alex Chioma Otti.

Abians were not happy for your 8 years in (im) ‘PRUDENT’ spending and management of their resources! Of course they overwhelmingly rejected and retired all your billboard and social media antics! You cannot build such huge Roads, Drainages, Schools, Bridges, Enyimba Economic City and Missing Airport Projects on billboards without expecting it to crumble and collapse under their own weight. You cannot owe in some cases, 36 months arrears of salaries, several years of unpaid pensions and gratuities without experiencing the sort of implosion you did!

The people of Abia State are very happy and excited about the ‘WASTEFUL EXPENDITURES’ of His Excellency, Dr. Alex Chioma Otti on payment of salaries and pensions of workers without classification into core and non-core, construction and reconstruction and lightning of Port-Harcourt Road by Julius Berger (Go and verify), People’s Road, Emelogu Road, Jubilee Road, Kent Road, Umuimo Road, College Road, University Road, Ekeakpara Road, Ossai Road, Ohanku Road, Cemetery Road, Umuahia to Arochukwu Road (Abia North), Isiukwuato Road, Onuimo Road, Obiohia Road, Umule Road and tens of other Roads across the 3 Senatorial Zones.

The ongoing rehabilitation of public schools and restoration of the glorious days of public schools with hiring of thousands of qualified teachers and staff, the planned engagement of independent education inspectors to maintain pre-set standard of learning and Infrastructure in the schools, the ongoing office buildings in the dilapidated ‘Old’ Government House, around shabby looking Government offices and institutions, the ongoing State ICT Centre, the rehabilitation and refitting of ABSUTH and other Secondary Health facilities around the State and lots more. The Executive Governor is just starting with the ‘WASTEFUL EXPENDITURES’ for the good of the State and her Citizens. The plans are huge and ambitious and Uche Aguoru must definitely choose between aligning with the State and Welfare of the People or freezing in isolation of the lone old order.

Abia State will remain on the National and Global Map and News for the right reasons irrespective of Mr. Uche Aguoru and his ‘LONE’ opposition narratives and misinformation machinery including Social Media masturbation without orgasm. Mr. Aguoru, democracy is about the people. It is of, by and for the people. The people hired and gave His Excellency Dr. Alex Chioma Otti the mandate to serve them and the approval rating is very high. The same people did not only suspend the Abia PDP, they rejected and retired them to the abyss.

Unu Ahula Neehhh!

Abia has Arisen!


Ctz. Ukoha Njoku Ukoha

Chief Press Secretary to the Executive Governor of Abia State – Umuahia.

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