Don Norman Obinna needs help and support: A Rejoinder to ‘Abia’s Nemesis, not Messiah’


By Ctz. Ukoha, Njoku Ukoha

‘When a handshake goes beyond the elbow, then we know it has turned to another thing’. – Prof. Chinualumogu Achebe.

The attention-seeking Broken Record turned ‘Shattered Record’, Don Norman Obinna could not even acknowledge the mandate of Abia People freely given to Governor Alex Otti in his latest contradiction-laced article; Otti: Abia Nemesis, not Messiah. He exposed his disconnection from the world around him. Don Norman Obinna as a Deaf-Blind needs help not mockery and his slot is secured in the Special School for the Deaf-Blind to be built by the Federal Government. The Executive Governor of Abia State, His Excellency Dr. Alex Otti also has huge plans for the disabled, the physically challenged, and Children with special needs to provide basic educational care and support for them, and ‘Agu Ibeku’ will be a direct beneficiary of the program.

The hearing and visual impairment have diminished Norman’s ability to hear or see what is happening in Abia State under Governor Alex Otti. He does not know his audience and cannot hear or see the sights and sounds of the New Abia echoing from Abia across the entire Federation. The ovation has become so loud that the Executive Governor of Lagos State, His Excellency, Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu offered to mobilize and campaign for Governor Alex Otti in 2027.

The article spiced with lies, concoctions, and inherent contradictions is undeserving of a detailed reply. The Deaf-Blind Norman Obinna is busy seeking where to locate a genuine N2 Billion project completed or ongoing in Abia State while informing his readers of the ongoing N30 Billion Port-Harcourt Road under reconstruction by Julius Berger and N8.4 Billion expanded Osaah Road (Now – Aguiyi Ironsi Boulevard) completed and commissioned by Governor Alex Otti. If the misfiring from one man in the same essay is not insanity, I wonder how we identify mad people.

The ongoing Port-Harcourt Road project was awarded to a sub-standard contractor at N9.5 Billion by the immediate past Government in 2017 and for Don Norman, Julius Berger is doing the job at less than N2 Billion in 2023/2024 with the new exchange rate regime. Almost N1 Billion was paid as compensation to property owners along Ossai Road but the project is less than N2 Billion in Don Norman’s estimation. The ongoing reconstruction of Ekeakpara Road and Ohanku Road must be N2 and N3 Million respectively. How about the ongoing Umuahia – Isiukwuato Road reconstruction by Craneburg Construction, Isiukwuato – Abiriba by Ferotex Construction, Abiriba – Ohafia by CCECC and Abam – Arochukwu? They must be Pro Bono projects thanks to Governor Alex Otti’s network of contacts. Don Norman Obinna needs help and support rather than replying to his incoherent murmuring.

Finally, I must conclude with a quote from the literary icon in response to his last paragraph just for the record; ‘You cannot plant greatness as you plant yam or maize. Whoever planted an iroko tree – the greatest in the forest. You may collect all the iroko seeds in the world, open the soil, and put them there. It will be in vain. The great tree chooses where to grow and we find it there… So, it is with greatness in men’ – Prof. Chinualumogu Achebe.

Forward Ever…

Ctz. Ukoha, Njoku Ukoha is Chief Press Secretary to the Executive Governor of Abia State.

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