2023 Polls and Isuikwuato/Umunneochi Federal House of Representatives/NASS Seat: Worrisome Developments


By Shaft Amaram (a.k.a Polemics)

There seems already to be intense and quite interesting competitions and rivalry (politically heathy or otherwise?) between our two Eluama daughters running for Isuikwuato/Umunneochi HoR seat, just separated by reason of different political parties platforms, namely APGA and APP.

However, there can be no question in my opinion, these two personalities and Candidates, are eminently qualified to vie for the seat. It’s indeed highly welcome political development, Eluama community has two of her daughters in this important race.

Notwithstanding, to win the race in the end requires absolutely political wisdom; political calculations and dexterity; political strategies and well fashioned strategic insights, leveraging on past mistakes and ultimately the resolve to correct same in 2023; both at the levels of the individual Candidates and Eluama community in general.

We scarcely need Nostradamus to forecast or foretell the ultimate outcome in the end, considering inevitably our votes and voting strengths would be divided and scattered aimlessly here and there, instead of pooled together as bloc votes, principally on account of the current developments and apparent rivalries gaining momentum daily, based on affiliations to and loyalty to different political platforms.

Chiefly, in the 2023 HoR contests as contenders are: Onyejiocha, the incumbent occupant of the seat, of APC; Dr. Onyiye Rufus Obi of APGA; Dr. Lilian Chinasa Obenwa of APP; Chief Amaobi Ogah of Labour Party; and Mrs Loveth Ofoegbu of PDP. Four females and only one male currently but the list is bound to grow fatter with time, as new Candidates emerge under different platforms.

In essence, what the picture portends given two Candidates of Eluama origins are in the contests, show possibly these Candidates are likely to be knocked out in the end, on account of division/splitting of votes in their respective favours; whether garnered internally from polling units within Eluama enclave; or ballots cast externally in favour by the respective supporters and polling units outside Eluama political domain.

Once these two Candidates locking horns cancel out each other through votes splitting; and thereby NEUTRALIZE ultimately any possibilities or probabilities of allowing one of these our two daughters and Candidates to clinch victory in the general polls, it becomes in the end a case and matter of “goodbye” to the ambitions or quests to oust Onyejiocha from claiming and clinching victory a record 5 times or breaking her existing record of 4 time victory and dominance in the HoR contests.

Such unfortunate developments (however with high prospects of becoming political realities) ultimately add to the continued disadvantages, marginalizations, and detriment of Isuikwuato axis in the political equations of NASS tickets.

Such developments do not necessarily happen by accidents but oftentimes are the outcomes and consequences of political naivety, internal rivalries, or similar factors. Can we in all honesty allow such to happen or afford to pay the ultimate political price?

Now, as a community and one people, there is ultimately critical need, more than ever before, to put petty sentiments aside; and assess critically the electoral chances or possibilities (or otherwise) of the two Candidates of Eluama origins, going forward in these contexts as already pointed out; basically on account of the already existing inter-political parties rivalries between the Candidates in question, as well as the likely spillover effects generally.

In considerations of these current developments and more to surface, I wish to ask accordingly this critical questions:

Eluama community what’s the way forward in the midst of the highly constraining or potentially imminent electoral loss or prospects, facing our daughters; how can these electoral conflicts, contradictions, and electoral paradoxes facing our community be resolved; and who can “bell the cat”??.

I am not Prophet of doom.

But I foresee danger lurking ominously.

I see golden opportunities and great prospects wastefully squandered on account of divisive tendencies; and perfectly exploited by rival camps of Uturu and Umunneochi communities and political blocs.

I perceive defeats, awful regrets, and blames taking center stages in the end, if we fail now to face squarely these spectres of ominous realities and allow wisdom to prevail.

The political battles ahead can result to victories only for the politically sophisticated and savvy politicians, electorates, and groups.

Eluama as a community and group has what it takes to decide our fate politically come 2023 general elections; and specifically HoR/NASS race and ticket to occupy the elusive seat.

Alternative perspectives, if any is highly welcome.


Picture shows Dr Onyinye Kay Rufus-OBI and Dr Lilian Obenwa


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