Sam Omatseye: When crumbs lace a writer’s brain with lunacy


By Ikenna Emewu

Master hack writer of questionable standing, Sam Omatseye, doesn’t seem to know what is libel and the rule of communication in civil language as the bedrock of journalism.

Kindly pardon my wrong assessment of him to depict a journalist because Sam is not. He won an unmerited lottery of a column in The Nation Newspaper and his mind flew out of the window with euphoria.

This time, he will learn the rules and liabilities of his excesses, the hard way.

He has murdered sleep and can’t sleep again.

In 2015, Omatseye, now proven writer-for-pay, who commoditizes insults and gutter language for those that rehabilitated him from his maroon misadventure in the US, tested the waters in a culture so strange to journalism, so vapid and bereft in norms. This has steadily chipped away from what would have been his personality, that he might have none left in his deficit vault.

What should be the personality of a character that manufactures lies he cannot prove against someone or aims his hate culture at a people he cannot place a finger on what wrong they ever did him?

He has forged an art of the sorry qualities of bandying lies and cooking up emotions to please his master. The rescued former US stranded sojourner is back to his old ways of maligning the Igbo and Igbo personalities

In 2015, his barbed arrows reeking of a cheap smear job for a paymaster targeted Senator Orji Uzor Kalu. When incidentally The Sun Newspaper replied Sam, whose dispositions raise questions if he hovers at the edge of insidious mental calamity, he ran to the Ikeja High Court asking for N1 billion in damages for what he described as libelous.

He did that because he was never trained in journalism or practiced it as a reporter, reason he wasn’t informed that a response to your hack verses cannot be adjudged libelous because you were the aggressor, while the target has a right of response.

At last, Sam would not account for how his cheap N1 billion laughable libel claims ended. The main reason he targeted Kalu and The Sun as he told people close to him was because it was an ‘Ibo’ paper and owned by Kalu. The only issue Sam had was just that word ‘Ibo’ which he is not tutored enough to spell correctly.

When eventually Kalu decided to sue him at an Abia High Court, as allowable in libelous claims, I can’t recall if he found the means to transport himself to Abia to file his defence.

The seeming scripting disaster in Omatseye is popping up again because Peter Obi’s profile steadily dims the aborted shine of his paymaster’s emi lokan entitlement. Imagine a situation his master wins the election and Sam is appointed to a public office, possibly an information minister, and the disaster Nigeria has been dreading will hasten. What we have there today would be kid’s play.

Imagine Omatseye who defends a candidate riddled with baggage throwing a brickbat at Obi.

Imagine Omatseye who has no ethnic identity and is stranded in Lagos without roots insulting the Igbo.

Imagine Omatseye, his rehabilitation from the US by some benevolent Nigerians was the last quantum of the social grace of his life, using the Igbo to wipe his shame-shrouded face.

Omatseye has murdered sleep. He would cease to sleep. We will reply to you with a shipload.

I saw his infantile tweet Tuesday afternoon claiming that some people he wouldn’t mention their names are threatening him and that if any harm comes to him, Obi is responsible.

It means Sam Omatseye just strings words together but has scant knowledge of logic.

In your vacuous claim, some people called and threatened you and you say Obi is responsible if any harm comes to you. Yet, you didn’t say the callers were Peter Obi. This incoherence sums up the cacophony that roils your shifty brain.

While we discuss the actionable tirade you elicited, you think that you can hide behind your finger. You are just smart by a fraction, to assess you in your best.

It’s such a shame that you get high with the stipend you are paid to destroy someone’s reputation and the reputation of an entire Nation of the Igbo but can’t stand the pressure of a little backlash.

Sam was so cowardly, typical of characters that get easily charmed by the lure of filthy lucre, to throw his dirty dart at Obi and the Igbo and thereafter lock the response key to his Twitter account.

We will start by reporting your hate and incitement to Twitter. From that point, other legal actions follow.

Your headline of ‘OBITUARY’ is such an unpretentious death wish on Peter Obi. Sam Omatseye, if you had the powers to swat a fly, we would have taken you seriously and warned you of the consequences if any harm comes on Obi. How dare we dignify people whose identities seem to reek of empty hate with such lofty abilities? It was still the same filth-filled brain adrift.

But, we well know that it was the hallucination derived from the crumbs for your hack script that pushed you. When the backlash started rolling in, you sobered up like a brigand caught in the act.

You can try harder at your gamble to reduce Peter Obi to an ethnic candidate, but you failed woefully and started too late. Moreover, the spillover of your hack writing antecedents robs you of the credibility to convert anyone to your clan of the embittered. I would plead with you to stay off suicide because Obi will win. Nigerians have chosen him and you can’t do anything about it.

You know so well that even if Obi loses elections one hundred times, he can’t come to your pitiable level. And the Igbo you lose sleep over will get better and bigger as you know that the least of the Igbo who you can compare with are beggars. If you had an ethnic group, I would have asked how far. But you are dangling in Lagos without roots.

Sam, wait for the real deal. It is yet to come.

Emewu is an Abuja based journalist

Picture: Sam Omatseye






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