Chinyere Awuda: Family of lady allegedly beaten to death rejects autopsy report


Lawyer to the family of Miss Chinyere Awuda, that lady, who was allegedly beaten to death in a club house in Cosmila Hotel, Awka, has faulted autopsy report released by police authorities in Anambra State.

Spokesperson of Anambra State Police Command, DSP Tochukwu Ikenga in a statement on Friday had stated that pathologists have confirmed that Awuda died of drowning, and not beaten to death as was alleged.

But counsel to the family, Barr Ezieafa Charisma, who spoke to journalists, said the report is suspicious, saying that the claim that Chinyere Awuda died of drowning is not a finality to the case.

“Yes, I was there during the autopsy and I thank the pathologists that carried out the job. I challenge the police to release the comprehensive and well detailed report of that autopsy.

“There are other things because, in the course of the autopsy, the pathologists showed that there were some injuries on her rib and some blood stains on her limb.

“The question to the police is; the report that Chinyere drowned, will that solve the case of murder, a case of that magnitude? Can an unconscious person drown and what led to her drowning?”

Charisma noted that from the outset, police have been reluctant in the matter.

He said from the B Division police station, where they started talking the family into settlement, and wondered why the police should be the ones to talk about settlement.

Stating his side, Charisma said: “Chinyere was in the club, there are evidences that she was beaten, there are evidences that there was unrest in the club, there are evidences that some people pursued her when she ran out of the club.

“There are evidences that two persons were in her pursuit, and there were evidences that she was trying to hide, and there were evidences that two persons pursued her to where she went to hide, and later there were evidences that the two persons came out from where Chinyere was hiding without Chinyere.

“In fact, I challenge the police and the management of the hotel to make public the CCTV footage of what happened at the hotel and people should be able to see what happened,” he said.

Charisma insisted that even though Chinyere Awuda was dead, the matter would continue until the police did what was right.

He stated that the family is putting up a petition to the Inspector General of Police over the police report and how the investigation was carried out by the Police Command.

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